A few resources from Kate Lofgren ’09, a former post-bachelor’s fellow at IHME

Our J-term course on the book Epic Measures was fortunate to have Kate Lofgren ’09 join us via Skype on Thursday to share her experiences as a post-bachelor’s fellow at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME). It was a delightful surprise to see Smith College mentioned in the book — as part of background information on Kate (see pp. 184-186).

After a jovial conversation with Kate on Thursday, she sent a few resources via email to be shared with students in the course. I’ve copied that information below:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak with your class.  I had such a nice time!  I wanted to pass along a few things that the students might be interested in.
1. I wrote an R tutorial with lectures and exercises.  [Here is a dropbox link to the] zip version of the file in case anyone wants to start teaching themselves to code in R.  All they should need to do is unzip the folder and change the initial filepath for everything to work.
I also use an interface to code in R called RStudio, it is free to download and super easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone interested in coding long term in R.
2. I did a few internships during college that I thought were valuable, here are the links in case anyone wants to apply:
3. Here is the link to all the visualizations IHME has produced. I go on this website and play around when I am looking for research inspiration/ ideas.
4. Also, if any of the students are looking for data, IHME has an extremely well documented and indexed searchable database of different global health surveys, registration systems, etc.
Thanks so much Kate for joining us and for sharing these resources!