This blog is for a 2016 Smith College J-term course, IDP 100 01: Critical Reading and Discussion. Our class is reading Epic Measures: One Doctor. Seven Billion Patients., written by Jeremy N. Smith and published by HarperCollins in 2015.

Students will write three essays, each about their perspectives on the what ails the world. All essays will be featured on this blog. In the first essay, students will share what health issues they think are most pressing before reading Epic Measures. In the second essay, students will answer — in language a layperson can understand — “How do we measure health?” In the third and final essay, students will offer their ideas for potential policy interventions to improve global health, drawing on evidence in Epic Measures and exploratory data analysis using GBD compare, an interactive tool allowing anyone to access the largest and most comprehensive dataset measuring epidemiological trends worldwide.

Five Colleges Assistant Professor of Government Kim Yi Dionne is the instructor for the course. Dionne is completing a book manuscript on AIDS interventions in Africa, tentatively titled, Responding to AIDS in Africa: How Misaligned Policy Priorities Doomed the Global AIDS Intervention. Her research on AIDS in Africa has been published in AIDS and Behavior, Comparative Political Studies, Global Public Health, Health Policy and Planning, and World Development. She also writes on health, politics, and more at The Monkey Cage, a blog on politics and political science at The Washington Post.


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