Just What the Doctor Ordered: A Script for Improving Global Health

Using effective altruism and results from the Global Burden of Disease Study to get the biggest bang for the charitable buck.


A Matter of Life and Death: Putting Health Problems on a Scale

In the beginning (prior to the 1990s), there was a whole mess of data on health and the world. Demographers checked to see who died when, but didn’t care about the why. Epidemiologists watched and tried to stop illness as it spread through the masses, but were uninterested in the overall health of the country. Health agencies looked…

What ails the world? Income inequality and acute illnesses

No one is immune to the effects of economic inequality, regardless of their socioeconomic status or the GDP of their country. The degree of economic inequality is an excellent predictor of the average quality of life within a nation, measured by rates of violent crime, strokes, teen pregnancy, high school completion, etc. Quality of life and level…