If you don’t like the answer, change it: and measurements of health

Last semester, I sat in a lecture with a handful of high ranking international development types who were all sharing with us the future impacts and directions of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of them, who criticized these goals mentioned how the UN had changed the method of measuring the progress of the Millennium Development…

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?

How do we measure health? Who decides and who is left out?

A Matter of Life and Death: Putting Health Problems on a Scale

In the beginning (prior to the 1990s), there was a whole mess of data on health and the world. Demographers checked to see who died when, but didn’t care about the why. Epidemiologists watched and tried to stop illness as it spread through the masses, but were uninterested in the overall health of the country. Health agencies looked…

Should Disability Be Compared to Death?

Scientists behind the Global Burden of Disease point out key problems with how global health data is collected, but their solution may create more problems when it comes to disability.

The GBD Atlas: Holding Together the World of Health Measurement

As the mythology goes, Atlas was a titan, who held the sky on his shoulders and lived with the burden of keeping the Earth and celestial spheres separate. Before the Global Burden of Disease study, health was measured in mostly death rates and causes. However, even this seemingly simple measurement is often confounded by confused causes…

Access and Doubled over in sickness

Global income inequality as an economic ailment, in turn, facilitates the public health ailment of unequal access to health care infrastructure and services within the world.

What ails the world: as told to me by global development agendas

Those who speak the loudest are the ones heard. To be perfectly honest, although I have had classes focused on development and on global health concerns, the concerns my courses focused on and I focused on, were on those health concerns that are “the sexiest” or have the most advocacy behind them.  Thinking about development, how humanitarian efforts fund-raise, the problems…